Going outside with your little one

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Going outside with your little one

The days are getting longer, the trees become green and the roadsides are full of flowers. Many people restart their outdoor activities and enjoy the weather on terraces and in parks. The first barbecues are on and the first picnic baskets full of delicacies are being prepared. And your little one is surely going to enjoy the BBQ or picnic time! Enjoying the outdoors with your family just needs a bit more preparation than during the before-the-kids time. 


Prepare well your little one to enjoy outdoor activities

If you want to enjoy the outdoors with your baby, it is important that you prepare well for this time. Small children - especially babies - are vulnerable and sensitive to any changes of weather conditions. Your little one needs good protection from rain, strong wind and heat, preferring not-too-warm and not-too-hot environment.  


Practical baby products for the summer time 

At MumsBerry you will find various practical and super nice products and must haves to use when you want to go out with your little one: from baby blankets and nappy cloths to changing mats and changing bags.


Baby blankets

A baby blanket is a perfect article to take to a picnic or barbecue. It becomes very useful when your little one falls asleep or when it becomes a bit cooler. Such a blanket brings comfort to your baby as if she or he was lying in their own bed! The blankets of La Millou are made either from a super soft bamboo fabric or from highest quality of cotton and acryl blend and have beautiful and colourful design. Some of them are even made with a hood to make sure your baby stays warm all the time!


La Millou cotton tender blanket MumsBerry


Nappy cloths

Nappy cloths or muslin nappies are multifunctional and practical to take with you for your outdoor trips with a baby. These nappies can be used for almost anything: as a burp cloth, towel, cloth to play with, protection against wind etc. It's ideal, isn't it! Just try not to put it over a buggy because it might become too warm inside.


La Millou bamboo nappy cloths MumsBerry


Changing mats

A changing mat is berg useful when you decide to venture outside with your little one. It's functional when you need to change a diaper, but is also suitable to sit and play on. The changing mats of Motherhood will fit in almost any bag when folded and make a reliable surface to clean your baby anytime.


Motherhood changing mat MumsBerry


Changing bags

All those handy baby items you can pack to a large and functional changing bag. In this way you will keep everything neatly together and in amounts that you never fell short of clean diapers, baby wipes, nappy cloths or blankets. The sets of La Millou Feeria changing bags include a shopper bag and a clutch. The bags have a unique and beautiful design, are multifunctional and look very fashionable.


La Millou Feeria changing bag set MumsBerry


Products made of bamboo fabric

Products made of bamboo fabric are especially suitable for summer time. This fabric is made of bamboo fibers which are known thanks to their properties: they are nicely cool in the summer (and warm in the winter). In addition, the bamboo fabric is breathable and ultra soft which makes it suitable especially for a sensitive skin of a baby. The items made of bamboo include among others the La Millou swaddling blanket and the Angel's Wings stabilizing pillows  of La Millou (useful for travelling).


                     La Millou bamboe inbakeringsdoek MumsBerry         La Millou stabilisatie hoofdkussen Angel's Wings MumsBerry

Read more in our blog about bamboo fabric.  


Going outside with your little one? Here are our 4 tips:

1. Make sure you always have a tube of sunscreen for children in your bag. Apply enough of the suncream with high SPF factor on the skin of your baby.  
2. Don't stay in the full sun and sit in a shadow as much as possible. The hot sunrays are very damaging for the sensitive skin of a baby. 
3. Put your little one in a hat to keep the head cooler and protect the eyes against the sun. 
4. It is important during warm weather that your baby stays well hydrated. Are you breastfeeding? If yes, drink yourself enough water and put your baby more often to your breast.


Prepare well to go outside and enjoy the wonderful summer weather together with your little one!