Maternity and nursing clothes from Happy Mum

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Maternity and nursing clothes from Happy Mum
Pregnant ≠ unstylish!
Hello pregnant ladies! Congratulations on your pregnancy :) What were your emotions when you saw the two lines? Great happiness? Anxiety? Or yet something else?
Pregnancy time is full of emotions – sometimes contradictory – about the future, present and sometimes even the past. It is also a moment of insecurity about our changing bodies. It is difficult to accept to be jumping to bigger sizes, isn’t it?
This is why your well-being and good feeling about yourself is very important. A growing body is sometimes difficult to accept, even though the result of this process is sweet and cute!
And yet when you come to the point when you start wearing pregnancy clothes, the reality quite often doesn’t help our self-confidence. When I was pregnant, I had the impression that people behind some maternity brands think of us as: 

  • willing to lie down on the couch at home all day; 
  • wanting to wear big sized sports-like pants and t-shirts, or leggings all the time;
  • abandoning our careers and not willing to attend high profile business meetings;
  • interested only in dark/dull/grey/boring colors without any bright or original twist;
  • not paying attention to fashion anymore;
  • willing to use pregnancy clothes only during the pregnancy and dumping them right after the birth.
It was very difficult for me to find something proper and original which I could wear to work and after work. It took me time to look through different maternity brands such as Mamalicious, Noppies, Love2Wait, Queen Mum, Belly Button and others and still I wasn’t happy with the outcome. Until my husband bought me a maternity blouse at Happy Mum.
When I saw it, the word that came to my mind were “Wow! That’s so different!”. This maternity blouse had very nice colors, the check pattern, and hidden zips for breastfeeding. My big bump at the time could be easily accommodated in it, and later on, after giving birth, I could wear it for a long time both because of breastfeeding and because it looked nice as a regular blouse.
I decided to take a look at their website and my “wow” got even longer. Almost all pregnancy outfits attracted my attention, as they looked very original, fashionable, colourful, elegant, with a twist, and highlighting the beauty of pregnancy! Bingo – no need to wear boring maternity clothes anymore! Additionally, many items had special adjustment systems that allowed for more space for the growing belly and wearing them later as regular clothes.
Happy Mum maternity clothes. For accommodating a growing belly. For easy and discreet breastfeeding. Turning into regular clothes and looking as regular items. For long term, not only for a couple of months. Colourful. Original. Sexy. Elegant. Outstanding. With a twist.
This is why I decided to bring Happy Mum maternity clothes line to my MumsBerry webshop. The fact that they can be worn long-term makes them the best choice among other brands. And the fact that they make us look and FEEL outstanding is priceless!
Because yes, ladies, we deserve it! For all the hard work that you do, and for your self-esteem, do whatever makes you happy – not only during pregnancy – and if looking good makes you feel self-confident and strong, why should you forget about it when you’re pregnant?
Take a look at our summer Happy Mum maternity clothes collection and indulge in the beauty of pregnancy!
I wish you a very merry pregnancy,