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  • Be mama!

    Be mama! - maternity clothes and baby products

    The designers at Be mama! think about practicality and functionality when designing new maternity clothes and baby products. Their Bergamo maternity hoodie is a must-have for both a mom-to-be and a new mom who wants to carry her baby in a baby wrap or carrier. A hoodie that warms up and protects against the wind and either gives additional space to a growing belly during pregnancy, or can give additional weather protection to a baby in a baby wrap or carrier, should be present in every (pregnant) mother’s wardrobe!

  • Happy Mum

    Happy Mum - maternity and nursing clothes

    Happy Mum is the premium brand of maternity and nursing clothes created out of the experiences and the needs of a pregnant mum. The reason behind creating this line is that during your pregnancy you do not have to sacrifice your feminine looks and feel unconfident. It fights with the common idea that pregnancy is all about oversized and dull maternity clothes to be worn only for a couple of months. And since being pregnant is not a sickness and many pregnant or breastfeeding women would like to continue their activities, either at work or in their personal lives, Happy Mum created the line of maternity clothes which are elegant yet comfortable, sexy yet adjusting to the changing body, and fashionable yet covering your figure imperfections.

  • La Millou

    La Millou - mother and baby products

    La Millou is one of our favorite brands offering various baby (and mummy) products. Why? We know that if you buy La Millou product, you buy it for a long time. Natural, safe, soft, cozy, cuddly, of highest quality, keeping shape and quality… Just see yourself what La Millou stands for.

  • Lullalove

    Lullalove - baby products

    Baby products of Lullalove have been designed to make the lives of parents easier and the lives of babies funnier. Designed and produced within EU, Lullalove baby products answer to the needs of colicky or teething babies by offering them natural and safe products to help ease their discomfort, whereas giving stimuli to develop their senses at the same time.

  • MomMe Cosmetics

    MomMe Cosmetics - mother and baby care products

    Are you afraid of using the common baby care products because of their chemical and potentially harmful ingredients? Are you looking for safe products that you are sure you can use during your pregnancy without any negative influence on your little wonder? MomMe Cosmetics is a breakthrough line of baby and mother care products which are suitable for pregnant women from the first days of pregnancy (the line for mums) and babies from their first day of life (the line for babies).

  • Motherhood

    Motherhood - mother and baby products

    Motherhood is a line of mother and baby products created by an entrepreneurial mother who responds to the needs of (pregnant) mothers and their babies. The first product of the company, maternity support pillow, is an indispensable pregnancy and breastfeeding must-have which became recognized and brought the spotlight to the Motherhood brand. After very successful start, Motherhood started to design and introduce other mother and baby products such as nursing pillows, baby sleeping bags, swaddle blankets, baby towels, muslin cloths, baby changing mats etc.

  • My Tummy

    My Tummy - maternity T-shirts

    My Tummy is a line of maternity clothes aimed at giving you comfort and… fun. How would you like to tell the whole world about your sweet secret? If you can’t keep your secret and are looking for an original and funny way to inform everyone that you’re preggo, choose My Tummy maternity T-shirts with funny pictures and inscriptions.

  • MyLullo

    MyLullo - baby sleeping bags

    MyLullo baby sleeping bags are definitely one of its kind. They are outstanding among other baby sleeping bags widely available as they remind babies of the time spent in their mother's womb. We love them and babies love them as much!

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