About us

So, you’re pregnant! (For those of you, who are not, see below.)

Congratulations! You’re just about to become a mum! How is it going by now?

Have you already found yourself in a situation that you cannot find decent pregnancy and breastfeeding clothes because:

  • 1. clothes available in regular shops are boring and not stylish,
  • 2. choice in regular shops is limited,
  • 3. what’s available in regular shops is just big sizes of regular clothes that doesn’t match your beautifully growing silhouette,
  • 4. you cannot find appropriate outfit for a business meeting or other formal occasion,
  • 5. there are plenty of other reasons for this?

Or maybe you have already read some articles about various chemical ingredients that are not safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding but you found them in your regular cosmetic products and figured out that you shouldn’t use them?

Or you started to read ingredients of cosmetic products for the same reason as above but are lost and frustrated because you don’t know anymore what’s safe to use, and it’s not indicated on the regular products?

Or the regular products that you are just collecting for your berry are od mediocre or bad quality?

Or you found yourself in yet another situation that causes you feel annoyed and frustrated which you actually shouldn’t as you’re pregnant?

Welcome to the club. I’ve been there as well not a long time ago. This is why I have decided to start MumsBerry.

I am not pregnant anymore, but I have an 8-month-old berry, and I would like to help you, both when you’re pregnant and when your little wonder is already with you. The selection of products that are on offer in this webshop are carefully selected by me and are the products that I either used, have been using or would be using if I knew about them earlier during my pregnancy or early maternity 

Since I struggled with all of this myself, I would like to support you and show you possible solutions to the problems that you might encounter now. The products that I chose for this webshop are:

  • 1. stylish, convenient and of good quality, with possibilities to adapt to your growing belly and to discreetly breastfeed,
  • 2. helping you feel comfortable and keep your peace of mind,
  • 3. helping you relax and enjoy your pregnancy as well as maternity,
  • 4. helping you feel self-confident and good with yourself when you’re pregnant and when you become a mum,
  • 5. bringing joy and happiness to your and your berry’s life,
  • 6. mostly serving you during and after pregnancy,
  • 7. made mostly within the EU out of the best quality materials, fabrics and ingredients.

Why think about yourself? Because you simply deserve it. Pregnancy and maternity is not only about the berry; it is also about the mum! You have been working hard to provide your berry with the best environment you can, so why shouldn’t you treat yourself as well? Hard work should be rewarded! But many products are not only about treating yourself; they actually help you stay calm and comfortable which has certainly a good influence on your berry as well.

I hope that I will manage to fulfill these goals and make you feel happy, stylish, self-confident and comfortable with the products available here at MumsBerry. However, if you miss anything or would like to see a particular product in this webshop, I would be very happy to hear about it from you! Just drop me an email here: info@mumsberry.nl

And for those of you, who are not pregnant yet visit this webshop, you will find a wide variety of products that will serve as an extraordinary and beautiful gift for both mums and their berries. Just take a look at the gift bookmark, or contact me directly if you struggle with choice or have some other questions:info@mumsberry.nl

I wish you all a great experience with the webshop and the products!


PS. Berry = baby, your little wonder!