Lullalove SuperToy MR B - original toy with warming insert

White & Black & Red


SuperToy MR B is a sensory toy with a reusable warming insert. It can help with colic while preparing for massage or can just keep your baby warm during colder weather.

  • contrasting colors to stimulate baby's eyesight
  • non-toxic, safe and reusable warming insert to keep your baby warm and comfortable
  • helps to sooth colicky babies
  • made of soft plush with non-allergic fiber
  • product entirely made in the EU

€ 25.95

SuperToy MR B

The SuperToy MR B is a response to parents’ growing awareness of the development of infants and proper stimulation of the senses through a combination of black, white and red, labels and elements that make sounds.

The secret of MR B is the salt filler which, having bent an inner stick, warms itself up to 54 Celsius degrees. With the insulating pocket located on the back of MR B, the temperature is maintained for an hour (the time depends on ambient temperature). The insert is reusable! After using, just boil the insert according to the instructions on the package. The insert is non-toxic, safe and most importantly - does not cause burns, as can happen in the case of other popular methods of warming up a tummy with a dryer or hot-water bottle.

mumsberry mrbig
mumsberry mrbig

The product is entirely made in the EU from fabrics and labels up to the heating pad. It is safe and complies with the requirements of the EU directives. The heating pad can be used immediately after the umbilical cord stump falls off. It is a perfect introduction to a massage.

The cuddly toy is made from soft plush and stuffed with an anti-allergic fabric. Colorful tags are sewn on the sides. Its leg rustles when touched.

mumsberry mrbig super toy

mumsberry mrbig
mumsberry mrbig

SuperToy MR B comes as a set of a cuddly soft toy + a heating pad. The heating insert itself is not a toy! Using it together with the heating insert should be conducted under adult supervision. The soft toy serves for playing.

MR B! SuperToy

Cuddly soft toy + heating pad
30% cotton
70% polyester
Toy’s height: 29 cm (without legs)
Color: black-white-red
Made in Europe

mumsberry mrbig
mumsberry mrbig

How to use the heating pad?

To activate the pad:

Start with a liquid pad

1. Start with a liquid pad.

Slightly bend the inner stick

2. Slightly bend the inner stick.

Wait few moments until the pad warms up

3. Wait few moments until the pad warms up.

insert the pad and and MR B is ready to use

4. Insert the pad and and MR B is ready to use.

To re-activate the pad:

Boil for about 10 minutes until the pad turns fully to liquid

1. Boil for about 10 minutes until the pad turns fully to liquid.

Om het element te reactiveren

2. Wait until the pad cools down to room temperature before reusing.